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John Deere 6170M

2014 John Deere 6170M 4WD Tractor

Used John Deere 6170M 4WD Tractor, 10,028 Hrs Showing, 170 Hp, 6.8L 6 Cylinder Turbocharger John Deere Diesel Engine, Water Cooled Engine, Engine Oil Level Full, 107 Gal Fuel Capacity, Block Heater, PowerQuad, Left Hand Shuttle Shift, Partial Powershift, 16 Forward Speeds, 16 Reverse Speeds, LivePTO, 540/1000 PTO, Rear PTO Location, PTO Shield, 3 Auxiliary Hydraulics, Rear Fender 3pt Controls, Differential Lock, Hydraulic Brakes, 420/85R28 Front Tyres, 460/85R42 Rear Tyres, Front And Rear. Front And Rear Fenders, Heater, AC, Radio, Hydraulic Suspension Operator Seat, 2 Doors, 3 Point, Foot Throttle. Very good condition.

Price: R350,000


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