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John Deere 6145

2017 John Deere 6145M 4WD Tractor

Used 2017 John Deere 6145M 4WD Tractor, 838 Hrs Showing, 145 Hp, John Deere 4.5 Liter 4 Cylinder, Diesel, Water Cooled Engine, 70 Fuel Capacity, Block Heater, 540 PTO, Small 1000 PTO, Rear PTO Location Axle(s), 3 Auxiliary Hydraulics, 16.9 R28 Front Tires, 480/80 R42 Rear Tires, Heater, AC, Radio, Left Handed Reverser, Power Quad, 16 Forward Gears, 16 Reverse Gears, Loader Ready.

Price: R500,000


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